Active AJAX State
You can toggle between AJAX and non-AJAX modes for content updates. With the AJAX mode on, when you click on any links or apply filters, the resulting content is updated without reloading the whole page.

The Apply and Reset module of FilterWP is a read-only module. This module can either sit in the sidebar or you can drag it to the top bar. This module is off by default. Click on the ‘eye’ icon to activate it. When this module is on, apply/reset buttons get activated. If you make changes to your filtering choices the results won't be updated until the user clicks on the apply button. And the reset button does what it says, It resets all your filters. If you click anywhere on the module, except the eye icon It will open up its settings. Here you can edit the labels of the buttons.

FilterWP provides 3 options for pagination
  • Simple Pagination
  • Lazy Load
  • Load More
The dropdown lets you select between different pagination options. Please note, that selection among these options is relevant, only when AJAX mode is turned on. When in non- AJAX mode, it only allows simple pagination.

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